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  1. Fun with Report Cards

    The sheer volume of data Vinli collects for a given vehicle can be overwhelming at times. That's why it's really important to us to offer a layer of services that nurture, sift, and process that data into something useful for our developers. Behavioral Service is a perfect example of that:…

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  2. OAuth Tutorial for Vinli iOS SDK

    The first thing that any iOS app needs to to when building with Vinli is install the SDK, and then set up OAuth... so that your app can actually access a Vinli user's data. Thankfully, this is super easy... so just sit back, open up Xcode, and follow along as…

    Getting Started, iOS, Examples, auth, oauth

  3. Data Every Second

    Over the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out our increased data collection rate to all Vinli devices. The current rate (one message every 3 seconds) will be bumped up to 1hz (one message every second), a noteworthy increase. Let's head over to Vinli CLI for a quick demo. We can…

    Stream Service, Examples, Telemetry

  4. Stream Service; Better, Faster, For Mobile

    Since our last blog post about Stream Service, we've made it even better! This time around, we are adding a faster way to stream telemetry data from the user's device straight to your mobile app. If the user's device is connected to their Vinli's WiFi hotspot, Stream Service automatically switches…

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  5. Zappin Vinli Trips

    Zapier is a fantastic tool for filling in the gaps that naturally exist between various apps and services. It comes equipped with some powerful utility features (such as webhooks, code injection, data formatting, email parsing, etc) that make it possible for developers to achieve even more robust integrations when the…

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