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  1. Data Every Second

    Over the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out our increased data collection rate to all Vinli devices. The current rate (one message every 3 seconds) will be bumped up to 1hz (one message every second), a noteworthy increase. Let's head over to Vinli CLI for a quick demo. We can…

    Stream Service, Examples, Telemetry

  2. Stream Service; Better, Faster, For Mobile

    Since our last blog post about Stream Service, we've made it even better! This time around, we are adding a faster way to stream telemetry data from the user's device straight to your mobile app. If the user's device is connected to their Vinli's WiFi hotspot, Stream Service automatically switches…

    Stream Service, Examples

  3. Stream Service

    This is a big one! Since launching Vinli, we've been on a relentless quest to deliver the highest quality, most accurate, real-time-est (is that a word?) vehicle telematics possible. Our new Stream Service provides a whole new way to access vehicle data. You can now establish a WebSocket connection with…

    Stream Service, Websocket