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  1. OAuth Tutorial for Vinli iOS SDK

    The first thing that any iOS app needs to to when building with Vinli is install the SDK, and then set up OAuth... so that your app can actually access a Vinli user's data. Thankfully, this is super easy... so just sit back, open up Xcode, and follow along as…

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  2. Guide: Start Developing with a Vinli Device

    So you have a Vinli. Maybe you haven't opened the box yet. Maybe you've plugged it into your OBDII port, driven around, and boasted to your friends about your "A" drive score. It's been awesome, but you want more. You want to get under the hood of this little black…

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  3. How to Dev Portal Part 1: Platform, Telemetry, and Trips

    In our first ever blog series, we're going to drill in to some of the deeper features of the Vinli Developer Portal. We've found that most folks stick to the basics while using the portal... registering their app, setting up clients, and viewing their usage. Those things are totally necessary,…

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  4. Vinli CLI: /bin/bash your Connected Car

    Since Vinli started shipping, we've seen a constant and sizable growth in developers interested in integrating their app or spinning up a new project that leverages the platform. Our docs and SDKs have stood the test thus far (thanks to everyone who's given feedback or reported issues!!), but we are…

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  5. Test Your App with Virtual Vinli

    Virtual Vinli is a system of tools that allow you, the developer, to test your application with standardized, repeatable routes. These routes are driven by virtual devices that appear to the platform as real devices, but are managed completely by you. Managing so-called "Dummy Devices" is done through the Dummy…

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