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  1. OAuth Tutorial for Vinli iOS SDK

    The first thing that any iOS app needs to to when building with Vinli is install the SDK, and then set up OAuth... so that your app can actually access a Vinli user's data. Thankfully, this is super easy... so just sit back, open up Xcode, and follow along as…

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  2. The Arithmetic Behind Engineering Serendipity at Web Summit

    About 12 inches of rain fuller than the week before, we Texans and one Estonian paratrooper are packing up the travel trunks like a gang of roadies and heading to IRELAND. Last year Ireland was something special. At that time, Vinli was just a team of five with a mission:…

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  3. #Connected Car Chronicles: BetterDriver.Club

    Another episode of Vinli’s Connected Car Chronicles is in the books. This week, we’d like to introduce two brothers who flew halfway across the world to compete in the “Super Bowl” of hackathons - Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Meet, Peter and Mike from Poland, the creators of…

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