Stream Service; Better, Faster, For Mobile

Since our last blog post about Stream Service, we've made it even better! This time around, we are adding a faster way to stream telemetry data from the user's device straight to your mobile app. If the user's device is connected to their Vinli's WiFi hotspot, Stream Service automatically switches to a local UDP stream. We handle switching between streams whenever the user connects/disconnects to WiFi automatically for you, making the developer and user experience as seamless as possible.

Improvements Over Normal Websocket Streaming

​Localized streaming between the Vinli device and the mobile phone, eliminates the network latency seen with Websocket streaming. You can expect to receive stream messages at a significantly faster rate when connected over WiFi. Parameters such as accelerometer data, RPM, and vehicle speed will be sent with much higher frequency. Furthermore, over WiFi we are opening availability to some local diagnostic data about your Vinli device that we normally don't send over the network, such as hardware and software versions.

What if I'm already using Stream Service?

​Perfect! You are already 99% of the way to using the new Stream Service. You don't have to change your code base at all, just make sure your Vinli iOS/Android SDK is up to date, and you should be good to go.

Transitioning from Bluetooth

​UDP Streaming is designed to support the same use cases that you would normally handle with Bluetooth. If you are currently using our Bluetooth SDK, we recommend switching to the new Stream Service. The newly baked-in UDP streaming offers high frequency data rates without the hassle of using native Bluetooth libraries.

Need Some Examples?

Check out our new Android and iOS SDK demos, providing examples for getting basic data from the SDKs as well as using Stream Service.

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iOS -