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Tag: Telemetry

  1. Data Every Second

    Over the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out our increased data collection rate to all Vinli devices. The current rate (one message every 3 seconds) will be bumped up to 1hz (one message every second), a noteworthy increase. Let's head over to Vinli CLI for a quick demo. We can…

    Stream Service, Examples, Telemetry

  2. How to Dev Portal Part 1: Platform, Telemetry, and Trips

    In our first ever blog series, we're going to drill in to some of the deeper features of the Vinli Developer Portal. We've found that most folks stick to the basics while using the portal... registering their app, setting up clients, and viewing their usage. Those things are totally necessary,…

    Dev Portal, Getting Started, Trip Service, Telemetry, how to dev portal