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  1. Hack.disrupt

    Last year, Vinli participated as a startup in TC Disrupt (Battlefield). This year, we're back! As mentioned in our most recent blog, Vinli will be at the Mother of All Hackathons in full battle regalia! We have graduated to a full-on platform that's ready for prime time. At this year's…

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  2. First Look at the Vinli Manufacturing Assembly in China (Cross-Posted from MyVinli Blog)

    We have great news for you this week from our latest trip to the manufacturing plant in China, and the big story is: we’re even closer to shipping Vinli to our amazing members this Fall! VINLI TEAM IN CHINA As we explained in our last update, enhancements to our…

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  3. Node.js SDK & Platform Updates

    We've been heads down at Vinli HQ preparing to unleash all that we've promised to you, the developer. We've compiled a general update to give you some insight into what can be expected between now, the full API release and the general consumer product release to market. As we prepare…

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