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  1. Slacklining with Vinli

    Fourth of July nigh approaches. We hope you’re planning for fun on your slackline while enjoying other Independence Day (the movie) activities. It’s a great holiday to announce new and exciting things at Vinli! Introducing Slackline Slackline is our favorite way to work with our growing list of…

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  2. Putting a Bow on 2015

    The (Dallas-based) Vinli Team Here at Vinli we’re extremely careful about when and where we allow ourselves to get nostalgic. We celebrate our victories in the moment, then turn our collective focus back to the challenges in front of us. Occasionally though, it’s helpful to look back at…

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  3. 60 Billion Free API Calls

    Strap on your seat belts, cause we're rolling out 60 billion FREE API calls to folks who register their app with Vinli. We know what it's like to burn the midnight oil while bootstrapping a new idea, or to stick your neck out for a cutting edge project, so we're…

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  4. Building Apps for the Connected Car? Brian Langel, CTO of Dash, Has Some Advice

    Brian Langel is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Dash, a Vinli App partner that turns the driving experience into a game using data contained inside your car—and makes you a better driver at the same time. The former software engineer at HBO helped build the back-end architecture…

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  5. The Arithmetic Behind Engineering Serendipity at Web Summit

    About 12 inches of rain fuller than the week before, we Texans and one Estonian paratrooper are packing up the travel trunks like a gang of roadies and heading to IRELAND. Last year Ireland was something special. At that time, Vinli was just a team of five with a mission:…

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  6. Big Android BBQ 2015

    We’ve just returned from another successful Big Android BBQ (BABBQ). Just a year removed from our first conference/event as the Vinli Dev Team, we revisited the site of our humble beginnings. Last year, Vinli was just coming into its own with a grand vision to revolutionize the transportation…

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  7. #Connected Car Chronicles: BetterDriver.Club

    Another episode of Vinli’s Connected Car Chronicles is in the books. This week, we’d like to introduce two brothers who flew halfway across the world to compete in the “Super Bowl” of hackathons - Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Meet, Peter and Mike from Poland, the creators of…

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  8. Recap: TC Disrupt Hackathon

    Developers Lit up TechCrunch Disrupt with a Slew of Connected Car Hacks Just a year after TC Disrupt Battlefield, Vinli returned to the field as a sponsor of the hackathon. In preparation, our Dev Evangelist team held a rally on September 9th at Connected Car SF Meetup (fast approaching 400…

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