Last year, Vinli participated as a startup in TC Disrupt (Battlefield). This year, we're back!

As mentioned in our most recent blog, Vinli will be at the Mother of All Hackathons in full battle regalia! We have graduated to a full-on platform that's ready for prime time. At this year's hack, Vinli is providing – to any participant interested – Vinli device, simulator, really great data, engineering support and much more.


Vinli Dev Portal
Check out the developer dashboard. It’s sweet!

We are dropping loads of Vinli devices – the only 4G LTE dongle on the market.
We’re also bringing 12 simulators (ScanTool 602201 ECUsim 2000 ECU CAN Simulator for OBD-II Development) that allow for customized data according to parameters defined by you.

Review our API docs and get the Android and iOS SDKs


Vinli on GitHub
(iOS + Android + Node.js SDKs)

On-site support
Vinli Dev team will be out in force to help ideate and build alongside your team as needed.

Greg Aker, Vinli Platform Specialist

Andre Nakkurt, Vinli Bay Area Evangelist

Kirk Ballou and Lucas Thomas of Touch Titans, a Vinli Developer Partner

Blake Burris, Vinli Chief Hacktivist


What would a hackathon be without prizes and big funny checks?!

Best use of Vinli's APIs wins $2500 plus a skydiving trip with Vinli's own, Andre Nakkurt + a Vinli device for each team member. Want to go on a skydiving adventure with us?

But Chris, you might be asking yourself, what more can Vinli provide? I'm glad you asked.

It's easy to do the same thing at every hackathon: you listen to how this hack will be better than the last; you wait for the massive amounts of pizza, caffeinated sugar bombs and energy drinks that undoubtably show their faces; you get no sleep; and you neglect all that is healthy and good for the body for this given amount of time.

This year, instead of reaching for that soft drink, peanut butter pretzel or candy, perhaps you'll take interest in one of our survival packs. These were curated by our dev team for maximal brain function and sustained energy throughout your hack. These implements are VinliDev approved; we may even invoke science before it's all said and done. Who knows?!


1. Epic bars: 100% meat in bar form – it does the body good.

2. TruBrain: nootropics! Think of it as a brain/energy enhancer void of all that crap you find in the typical energy drink. Heck, I know people who give up coffee because of this stuff. Thanks to our friends in Santa Monica.

3. Mineral water: there are loads of stories around having some metal in your water. Drink up!


There's something else we've put together for you; an art installation to evoke creativity and ideation. Stop by Vinli's booth to meet Stephen Tranovich who will be operating an installation created just for TC Disrupt. The beauty of this installation is that Stephen himself is a developer; having just arrived from Burning Man where he led a massive installation for Château Disco's camp. You can bet it's going to be great! For those participating, you'll get to enter your name into our proverbial hat for a special drawing.

And what is one to do with all of this fuel and inspiration? What is the point of building with Vinli? In addition to a big check, we're giving away devices and hoping that one or many of the teams creates something we can showcase in MyVinli – our app store. If you and your team are able to build that awesome must have app, we will showcase it for everyone to see. And who knows, it may end up in the point-of-sale display at one of those large U.S. mobile operator's retail shops soon! A lot can happen in a year.