New Dev Portal

It’s here! Vinli's brand spanking new Dev Portal is now live and we couldn’t be prouder. Our engineering and experience teams have been working tirelessly to create the best platform for #ConnectedCar development out there and they haven’t disappointed – as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Before jumping in to build your first app, you may want to take a quick tour. You’ll find links to Vinli's Github repos and activity, links to the docs, twitter activity, our latest and greatest blog posts along with a rundown of connected car meetups we're supporting internationally. Don’t see your city? Drop us a line and we’ll help get it on the map!

Now, about that dev portal. . .


Let’s take a look at Lock & Key, an app we built that notifies you if your car is moving or has moved without your permission. It uses our Rule and Event Services, Location and Notifications which can all be found in the docs. We've generated a geofence; created a rule that sends a notification once the device (vehicle) violates that rule and returns the location in valid GeoJSON. The location property contains a valid GeoJSON FeatureCollection object consisting of point features for each location; including a timestamp.

Once you start building, adding new parameters to your application is simple and intuitive. Now, let's get under the hood of your dashboard and evaluate activity on Lock & Key.

Using our custom telemetry snapshots is powerful; the dashboard provides tools that allow for multi-layered comparisons of data with a lens of your choice. View individually time-stamped data with corresponding DeviceID, Events, Rules and Parameters (up to three at a time) or download the data whole and go to town. If you wish to see the number of devices using your app and API calls, have at it!

dev-portal--snapshots 2.png

Screenshot dev portal 1.png

Once you receive your device (you did pre-order, right?), you’ll have access to loads more within the platform. If you haven’t yet ordered, our pre-order campaign on Indiegogo is live for just a few more days. Get yourself one, please spread the word and get busy building your project.

Finally, if you’ve not been tuned into Vinli Developers' Summer Tour, check it out. We are hosting meetups around the US over the next couple months, so come out and say hi to the team.

Without further ado, hop over to the Vinli Dev Portal.
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Thanks again for your support.
Chris, Andre & Blake