[Updated] Vinli Summer Tour


Welcome to summer, y’all! While for many summer is a time to take it easy, enjoy that cold beer an hour early, get deep into some long reads and think about the beach, at Vinli it’s crunch time! We’ve got our factory in Shenzhen humming and engineers back in Dallas cranking on code that will soon be revealed in the form of the new Vinli Developer Portal and various SDKs. And for most reading this, we know you too are exactly taking it easy this summer.

In a build up to our ship date in August to Indiegogo pre-order customers, we are taking our show on the road across the United States. From coast to coast, we’ll be stopping in to meet developers, discuss hot project ideas, record podcasts and invite a broad base of developers to jump into the warm waters of connected car app development – on Vinli :-)

While dates and venues are being firmed up, we want to share our anticipated list of stops between now and the end of August. Please email or tweet us if you’d like to host team @VinliDev or meet with us while in town.

San Jose, California (July 10th) - We’ll be running the connected car track at iOSDevCamp (co-founded by yours truly) and hosting breakout sessions on Vinli's new iOS SDK

Denver + Boulder, Colorado (July 15th - 17th) - Booming with tech entrepreneurs and mountains. What’s not to love?

Los Angles, California (July 20th - 22nd) - Have you driven across L.A. lately? Exactly.

San Francisco, California (July 22nd - 24th) - The connected car SF meet up is a buzz and the secret’s out; the connected car is a big deal!

Portland, Oregon (July 27th - 30th) - We just like this place! Great talent and – insert Portlandia joke here.

Seattle, Washington (August 5th - 9th) - Home to many a Tier 1, we couldn’t leave this off the list

Atlanta, Georgia (August 5th - 7th) - Georgia Tech, Cox Automotive, AT&T, lots of cars and connectivity!

Detroit, Michigan (August 12th - 14th) - Motor City and home to TechStars Mobility.

Austin, Texas (August 21st) - Home to cold springs, hippie juice and tons of Texas-sized tech. All right all right all right...

Dallas, Texas (August 19) - Seen the show Dallas? It's kinda like that... Digital Dallas will be doing a special event at Vinli HQ.

Denver/Boulder (August 25th - 28th) - If we can’t legally connect our cars, then what’s the point. DC’s budding entrepreneur and policy focus fits right in.

Boston, Massachusetts (September 1st - 3rd) - MIT and Harvard are putting out tons of entrepreneurs and talent. Wouldn’t miss it!

New York City, New York (NYC September 15th - 18th) - We’ll be at Samsung’s killer facility on the Highline in Chelsea

San Francisco (August 31st - September 3rd)

North Carolina (September 16th - 18th)

Chicago, Illinois (TBD) - One of the fastest growing connected car communities out there! Step aside, EL.

If you'd like to meet up in your hometown, please tweet or email us! Let us know what kind of group you can put together and we'll make it happen!

@blakeburris @vinliDev