Node.js SDK & Platform Updates

We've been heads down at Vinli HQ preparing to unleash all that we've promised to you, the developer. We've compiled a general update to give you some insight into what can be expected between now, the full API release and the general consumer product release to market. As we prepare to issue more regular updates and communications, please let us know if you have any specific questions at, Twitter, @VinliDev or Vinli developer forums.

Now, for a peek inside Vinli HQ. We'd like to introduce a few of the key folks working day and night on Vinli.

First, a sneak peek at the Vinli Car Simulator prototype being printed in house.
DJ and Yi Wen at the Stratasys printer

Romeo España soldering latest antenna....

Kyle Turney putting the touches on our soon-to-be-relased node.js SDK

And now for some product updates from lead platform guru, Dr. Powell Kinney.

Powell loves to truck it on his fixie around the lake with child in-tow. Catch him if you can!

Vinli Platform
Our developers have been making final preparations for opening up the platform to select members of the Vinli Developers Beta program. We’ve got example applications, a few additions to our SDK collection, and a whole lot of training materiel in the works to make starting applications as easy as possible.

SDK News
Since the Vinli Platform is written almost exclusively in Node.js, that was the first stop for building a server-side SDK. The SDK is in production with our own applications and we are tirelessly working to expand and refine it, and ultimately, release it to our community. We’ll be pushing this SDK to vinli’s GitHub repository shortly along with a few example applications that rely on it.

Other SDKs Coming Soon for Ruby, Android and iOS.

Final Industrial Design
We're working with our manufacturing partners to finalize the injection-molding for all three of the Vinli Devices. Along with this, we've got some awesome packaging that we can't wait to show you...

If you'd like to catch up with us in person, come meet the us at AT&T Dev Summit and hackathon in Vegas, at CES or SXSW in March. That's all for now folks!

Blake, Chris & The Team